Air Force Academy

Season Bests

2016 outdoor

Women 10,000 Meter Run
32:47.25Hannah EversonNCAA Division 1 Outdoor Track & Field Championship2016-06-08
34:12.05Lindy LongStanford Invitational2016-04-01
36:58.06Jaci SmithMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
Men 10,000 Meter Run
30:08.34Patrick CoronaMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
30:13.69Kyle EllerMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
30:18.61Daniel ShellhouseDrake Relays2016-04-27
Women 100 Meter Hurdles
14.47Alexa ChaconColorado Invitational2016-04-08
Men 100 Meter Dash
10.29Jamiel TrimbleMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
10.37Zach JohnsonMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
10.54Robbie AndersonMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
10.61Gavin McHenryMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
10.79Reece PontiousAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
10.85Miguel MolasAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
11.26Tyler BersonMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
11.31Micah FontaineSteve Scott Invitational2016-04-29
11.41Cody RayColorado Invitational2016-04-08
Men 110 Meter Hurdles
13.62Jamiel TrimbleNCAA Division I West Preliminary2016-05-26
15.19Calvin BerstlerColorado Invitational2016-04-08
15.35Walker NewellAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
15.94Joey Wilkin38th Aztec Track and Field Invitational2016-03-26
15.98Tyler BersonAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
17.83Sam HinegardnerColorado Invitational2016-04-08
22.79Micah FontaineSteve Scott Invitational2016-04-29
Women 1,500 Meter Run
4:22.81Gillespie Carina37th Annual Sun Angel Classic2016-04-07
4:29.46Giulianna VessaStanford Invitational2016-04-01
4:42.68Anna OlesinskiMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
4:44.68Shanna BurnsSF State Distance Carnival2016-03-31
4:55.88Jaci SmithColorado Invitational2016-04-08
Men 1,500 Meter Run
3:40.36Daniel CastleSWAT Final Qualifier2016-05-16
3:42.16Matt DorseyNCAA Division 1 Outdoor Track & Field Championship2016-06-08
3:58.45Conner Wilburn37th Annual Sun Angel Classic2016-04-07
3:59.21Sean BaptyColorado Invitational2016-04-08
3:59.74Noah RileyAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
4:00.03Nathan ThomasSF State Distance Carnival2016-03-31
4:00.06Jason EngelAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
4:00.78Andrew JohnstonAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
4:06.12Parker Seale38th Aztec Track and Field Invitational2016-03-26
4:06.58Nic CheuvrontColorado Invitational2016-04-08
4:10.01Nikolai RhodesAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
4:12.00Andrew MillironAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
4:15.95Jimmy ShipleyAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
4:45.00Tyler BersonMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
Women 200 Meter Dash
25.37Naomi Alston37th Annual Sun Angel Classic2016-04-07
25.85Kaliyah Gorman37th Annual Sun Angel Classic2016-04-07
25.97Aryn Maxwell38th Aztec Track and Field Invitational2016-03-26
26.47Alexa ChaconColorado Invitational2016-04-08
26.86Athena EccherAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
27.39Michelle Thompson38th Aztec Track and Field Invitational2016-03-26
Men 200 Meter Dash
20.12Jamiel TrimbleNCAA Division I West Preliminary2016-05-26
21.08Zach Johnson38th Aztec Track and Field Invitational2016-03-26
21.25Robbie AndersonMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
21.34Gavin McHenryMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
21.83Reece PontiousAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
22.25Tyler Koss38th Aztec Track and Field Invitational2016-03-26
22.66Henry OkoroAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
23.24Cody RayColorado Invitational2016-04-08
Women 3,000 Meter Run
10:14.47Anna Olesinski38th Aztec Track and Field Invitational2016-03-26
Men 3,000 Meter Run
9:11.98Jimmy ShipleyColorado Invitational2016-04-08
Men 3,000 Meter Steeplechase
9:08.52Andrew MillironSF State Distance Carnival2016-03-31
9:21.76Sean BaptyBrooks Mt. SAC Relays2016-04-14
Women 400 Meter Hurdles
1:01.85Kaliyah GormanAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
1:02.81Aryn MaxwellMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
1:03.46Michelle ThompsonMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
1:05.39Alexa Chacon38th Aztec Track and Field Invitational2016-03-26
Men 400 Meter Hurdles
56.41Gabe BrownColorado Invitational2016-04-08
1:02.14Chip WhiteSteve Scott Invitational2016-04-29
Women 400 Meter Dash
56.36Naomi AlstonMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
57.48Kaliyah Gorman37th Annual Sun Angel Classic2016-04-07
59.69Athena EccherColorado Invitational2016-04-08
Men 400 Meter Dash
47.18Tyler KossMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
48.85Sedacy WaldenSteve Scott Invitational2016-04-29
49.98Henry OkoroColorado Invitational2016-04-08
50.33Tyler BersonMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
50.90Cody RayAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
50.98Jack QuinnColorado Invitational2016-04-08
51.17Preston RocheColorado Invitational2016-04-08
Men 4x100 Meter Relay
39.65 NCAA Division I West Preliminary2016-05-26
Women 4x1600 Meter Relay
19:53.61 Drake Relays2016-04-27
Men 4x200 Meter Relay
1:23.29 Drake Relays2016-04-27
Women 4x400 Meter Relay
3:54.74 Mountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
Men 4x400 Meter Relay
3:17.67 Mountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
Women 4x800 Meter Relay
11:32.88 Drake Relays2016-04-27
Men 4x800 Meter Relay
7:29.14 Drake Relays2016-04-27
Women 5,000 Meter Run
16:32.87Hannah EversonMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
16:40.72Lindy LongMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
17:08.82Jaci SmithBrooks Mt. SAC Relays2016-04-14
17:53.44Anna OlesinskiBrooks Mt. SAC Relays2016-04-14
Men 5,000 Meter Run
13:31.66Patrick CoronaNCAA Division 1 Outdoor Track & Field Championship2016-06-08
14:07.05Jacob BilvadoDrake Relays2016-04-27
14:17.45Kyle EllerDrake Relays2016-04-27
14:36.14Andrew JohnstonBrooks Mt. SAC Relays2016-04-14
14:53.57Daniel ShellhouseBrooks Mt. SAC Relays2016-04-14
14:56.13Jason EngelSF State Distance Carnival2016-03-31
15:12.32Conner Wilburn38th Aztec Track and Field Invitational2016-03-26
15:15.22Nikolai RhodesSF State Distance Carnival2016-03-31
15:30.70Jimmy Shipley38th Aztec Track and Field Invitational2016-03-26
15:33.51Andrew MillironMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
Women 800 Meter Run
2:17.11Tami CardenasSF State Distance Carnival2016-03-31
2:18.88Hillary KieleMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
2:25.16Shanna BurnsAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
2:25.18Alexa ChaconMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
2:28.93Gabby EveyColorado Invitational2016-04-08
Men 800 Meter Run
1:51.43Zac Petrie37th Annual Sun Angel Classic2016-04-07
1:51.71Grant CaswellMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
1:51.83Matt DorseyStanford Invitational2016-04-01
1:55.74Jack Quinn38th Aztec Track and Field Invitational2016-03-26
1:56.63Preston Roche38th Aztec Track and Field Invitational2016-03-26
1:56.81Gordon KowalkowskiColorado Invitational2016-04-08
1:56.98Nic Cheuvront38th Aztec Track and Field Invitational2016-03-26
Men One Mile Run
4:00.51Patrick Corona37th Annual Sun Angel Classic2016-04-07
4:02.00Matt Dorsey37th Annual Sun Angel Classic2016-04-07
Women Discus
157-7.5Cydnee ReeseAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
150-1.5Emily TaylorAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
Men Discus
187-5Grant HamiltonMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
169-9Logan FeaslineMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
164-0Spencer BaldwinAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
150-2.75Garrett CoalsonAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
114-5Tyler BersonColorado Invitational2016-04-08
90-8Calvin BerstlerColorado Invitational2016-04-08
86-3Sam HinegardnerColorado Invitational2016-04-08
Women High Jump
5-10.5Shelley SpiresAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
4-11.75Alexa ChaconMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
Men High Jump
7-1Taylor SmithStanford Invitational2016-04-01
6-11John ReynoldsMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
6-6.75Sam HinegardnerAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
5-10.75Calvin Berstler38th Aztec Track and Field Invitational2016-03-26
5-6.5Tyler BersonMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
Women Hammer Throw
147-0.75Ashley MorganAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
143-2Cydnee Reese38th Aztec Track and Field Invitational2016-03-26
Men Hammer Throw
199-5Spencer BaldwinMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
182-11Brooks HardyMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
176-2Darby MaierMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
171-0.25Reed McguireAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
169-7.25Malachi SparlingAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
138-8Arinze Uzo-okerekeColorado Invitational2016-04-08
134-7Logan Feasline38th Aztec Track and Field Invitational2016-03-26
Women Javelin
130-5Jaclyn FrenchStanford Invitational2016-04-01
128-4Ryan Vicek37th Annual Sun Angel Classic2016-04-07
125-9.75Alexa ChaconAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
Men Javelin
217-4.5Taylor HulslanderAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
202-9Luke PiperAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
200-5Donald CrabillStanford Invitational2016-04-01
188-10.5Eric HoffAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
182-10Garrett Griffin37th Annual Sun Angel Classic2016-04-07
174-2.5Logan FeaslineAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
166-5Darby MaierMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
141-5Calvin Berstler38th Aztec Track and Field Invitational2016-03-26
128-10Tyler BersonMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
117-2Sam Hinegardner38th Aztec Track and Field Invitational2016-03-26
114-3Steven MoyerColorado Invitational2016-04-08
Women Long Jump
17-0.5Andrea AbelAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
16-2.5Alexa ChaconMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
Men Long Jump
24-7.75John ReynoldsMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
21-9Jake LacosteAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
21-4.75Tyler CibottiAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
20-10Rydder DriggsColorado Invitational2016-04-08
20-6.25Tyler BersonAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
19-5.25Sam HinegardnerColorado Invitational2016-04-08
15-1.5Steven MoyerColorado Invitational2016-04-08
Women Pole Vault
13-0.25Kathryn TomczakStanford Invitational2016-04-01
12-6.25Riley VannAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
11-10.5Jerni SelfAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
11-6.5Zoe CasteelAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
11-0.75Natalie HawthorneAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
10-0.75Hannah DurbinAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
Men Pole Vault
17-8.5Kyle PaterMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
15-1Joe Ernst37th Annual Sun Angel Classic2016-04-07
14-8Walker NewellAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
14-8Sam HinegardnerAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
14-5.25Tyler BersonMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
13-11.25Calvin BerstlerColorado Invitational2016-04-08
13-8.25Tom ErnstAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
12-11.5Milo BrowderColorado Invitational2016-04-08
Women Shot Put
31-2.5Alexa ChaconMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
Men Shot Put
61-2.25Grant HamiltonMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
55-2.75Darby MaierMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
48-10Garrett CoalsonColorado Invitational2016-04-08
46-1.25Logan Feasline37th Annual Sun Angel Classic2016-04-07
34-6.25Tyler BersonMountain West Conference Championships2016-05-11
Women Triple Jump
41-7.75Kassie GurnellBobcat Classic2016-03-31
39-6Angelea RossStanford Invitational2016-04-01
38-1.5Andrea AbelAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
Men Triple Jump
49-5.75John ReynoldsStanford Invitational2016-04-01
44-11.5Tyler CibottiAir Force Twilight Open2016-05-06
38-7.75Rydder DriggsColorado Invitational2016-04-08