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Orlando, FL

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1600: 4:40
3200: 10:20
5000: 16:17
8000: 28:13
10000: 34:58

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9 years ago Article Comment: 4A State Meet HQ
It's not working on here but it is here:
9 years ago 4A Boys Prediction Contest
If you win which concert will you choose? 311 St. Augustine! 100m - Marvin Bracy 200m - Marvi...
9 years ago Article Comment: Bracy Breaks National Record 55m at Jimmy Carnes
Any other nerds realize how awesome it is that his number was 1337?
9 years ago Article Comment: Predict the State Meet Outcome and Win
1A Girls Individuals 1. Wollrath 2. Kurgatt 3. Greenleaf 1A Girls Teams 1. Holy Trinity 2. ...
10 years ago Article Comment: Jimmy Carnes: Day 1 Highlights
I ran an extra lap after the 3k... that was embarassing haha. Lost track of what # I was on. Lots...
10 years ago Disney World Classic
It seemed to be about the same as last year but something felt different. Mount Mickey was a litt...
10 years ago Disney World Classic
Times were faster than last year by far which I can't seem to figure out. I guess the only reason...
11 years ago Article Comment: NB Nationals: Freeman Wins Another Gold; Bevil, Graham Take Silver
Nick Posada was 10th in the 2k Steeple Chase