University of New Hampshire

Season Bests

2015 outdoor

Women 10,000 Meter Run
35:55.46Chelsey SerranoNEICAAA Outdoor Track Championship2015-05-07
36:10.46Riley GilmoreNEICAAA Outdoor Track Championship2015-05-07
36:21.85Amber ShortColonial Relays2015-04-03
36:44.99Brie BodenColonial Relays2015-04-03
38:22.14Rachel ProvostNEICAAA Outdoor Track Championship2015-05-07
38:22.72Katherine EstepNEICAAA Outdoor Track Championship2015-05-07
Women 100 Meter Hurdles
14.18Virginia LavalleeUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
15.34Emma ChecovichThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
15.97Crista HargbolUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
16.03Rebecca MassahUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
17.38Taylor OrdwayUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
Women 100 Meter Dash
11.73Lauren PerrodinUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
12.23Sydney KayUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
12.83Allison MessinaUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
12.95Danielle GajewskiUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
13.03Molly ClarkUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
13.44Kriste SherlockThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
13.78Carly OrlacchioUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
14.03Lexie ArbourUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
14.05Katherine NashUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
Men 100 Meter Dash
11.08Chris DecarloUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
11.13Ryan ManeyUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
11.16Dylan PelletierUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
11.55Daniel JohnsonNEICAAA Outdoor Track Championship2015-05-07
Men 110 Meter Hurdles
14.71D'mahl McfaddenUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
14.98Ryan ManeyNEICAAA Outdoor Track Championship2015-05-07
15.59Daniel JohnsonNEICAAA Outdoor Track Championship2015-05-07
17.66Shawn CaseUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
Women 1,500 Meter Run
4:21.01Elinor PurrierUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
4:21.95Anne TwomblyNEICAAA Outdoor Track Championship2015-05-07
4:31.93Laura Rose DoneganUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
4:33.30Hannah KimballUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
4:40.02Angelyn MastersNEICAAA Outdoor Track Championship2015-05-07
4:43.82Sarah KeiranThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
4:47.88Samantha BlaiseUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
4:49.78Chelsey SerranoUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
4:50.48Julia ShorterUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
4:52.40Alexandria GieseUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
4:53.11Brie BodenUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
4:59.51Amber ShortUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
5:13.05Riley GilmoreUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
5:18.94Amanda SymanskiUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
5:22.70Brittany HuntUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
5:26.58Rachel ProvostUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
5:31.89Kellie WalkerUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
5:35.95Katherine EstepUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
Men 1,500 Meter Run
3:46.30Kevin GreeneNEICAAA Outdoor Track Championship2015-05-07
3:50.92John PrizziNEICAAA Outdoor Track Championship2015-05-07
3:58.46Jeffrey MorettiThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
4:08.88Brendan MccarthyHoly Cross Classic2015-04-21
4:14.24Zachary ChabotUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
4:15.11Timothy KenefickHoly Cross Classic2015-04-21
4:17.92Jeremy WildgooseUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
4:18.63Mitchell DuttonHoly Cross Classic2015-04-21
4:27.05Joseph VerroUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
4:54.90Daniel JohnsonNEICAAA Outdoor Track Championship2015-05-07
Women 200 Meter Dash
25.44Lauren PerrodinColonial Relays2015-04-03
26.06Sydney KayUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
26.54Emma ChecovichUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
26.87Taylor OrdwayThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
27.14Tessa ArtrucUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
27.42Jordan O'BrienUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
27.51Danielle GajewskiUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
27.54Kriste SherlockUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
27.67Molly ClarkThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
28.62Rebecca MassahThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
28.68Mikae FrechetteUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
Men 200 Meter Dash
22.19D'mahl McfaddenUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
22.42Chris DecarloUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
22.59Dylan PelletierUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
23.23Ryan ManeyUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
23.52Tanner KentUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
23.67Thomas HarterThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
Women 3,000 Meter Run
10:27.49Riley GilmoreUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
10:36.30Angelyn MastersUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
10:51.56Kellie WalkerUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
10:54.33Rachel ProvostUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
10:54.92Katherine EstepUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
11:15.03Casey McgrathUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
11:21.83Mckenzie HaneyUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
11:47.99Mary De VriesUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
12:06.67Sarah StowellUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
Men 3,000 Meter Run
9:09.14Timothy KenefickThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
9:20.70Neil MistrettaThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
Women 3,000 Meter Steeplechase
9:53.69Elinor PurrierNCAA Division 1 Outdoor Track & Field Championship2015-06-10
9:58.95Laura Rose DoneganNCAA Division 1 Outdoor Track & Field Championship2015-06-10
10:49.97Julia ShorterNEICAAA Outdoor Track Championship2015-05-07
11:10.53Samantha BlaiseUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
Men 3,000 Meter Steeplechase
8:42.24John PrizziNCAA Division I East Preliminary2015-05-28
9:28.07Jeremy WildgooseThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
Women 400 Meter Hurdles
1:02.64Allison MessinaNEICAAA Outdoor Track Championship2015-05-07
1:03.23Virginia LavalleeThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
1:07.15Crista HargbolUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
1:11.91Molly JenssenUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
1:13.01Rebecca MassahUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
Men 400 Meter Hurdles
55.70Andrew McFarlandThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
55.79Tyler MulcahyThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
57.95James AndersonThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
Women 400 Meter Dash
58.53Danielle GajewskiThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
1:02.51Jordan O'BrienThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
1:02.98Rachael DepalmaUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
1:05.49Kriste SherlockUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
1:05.74Parker GrayUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
1:07.28Andrea NashUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
1:09.68Molly JenssenUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
Men 400 Meter Dash
48.27Isaiah PennNEICAAA Outdoor Track Championship2015-05-07
50.28Thomas HarterNEICAAA Outdoor Track Championship2015-05-07
50.37John CoxThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
50.68Drew PiazzaUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
50.76Ross HardyHoly Cross Classic2015-04-21
51.47Tanner KentHoly Cross Classic2015-04-21
51.60Jacob KittredgeThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
52.05Daniel JohnsonNEICAAA Outdoor Track Championship2015-05-07
52.16Chris PoggiUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
52.69Robert FrangerHoly Cross Classic2015-04-21
53.22Joseph BolesThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
53.23Joseph PoggiUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
53.55David AlbertiniHoly Cross Classic2015-04-21
54.09Patrick O'donnellHoly Cross Classic2015-04-21
54.38Cedric MesengereUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
Women 4x100 Meter Relay
48.11 NEICAAA Outdoor Track Championship2015-05-07
Men 4x100 Meter Relay
43.20 UNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
Women 4x400 Meter Relay
3:56.45 NEICAAA Outdoor Track Championship2015-05-07
Men 4x400 Meter Relay
3:19.44 The Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
Women 4x800 Meter Relay
8:57.89 NEICAAA Outdoor Track Championship2015-05-07
Men 4x800 Meter Relay
7:26.63 NEICAAA Outdoor Track Championship2015-05-07
Women 5,000 Meter Run
16:46.14Anne TwomblyColonial Relays2015-04-03
17:11.35Laura Rose DoneganColonial Relays2015-04-03
18:21.40Hannah KimballUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
18:21.96Alexandria GieseUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
18:26.47Rachel ProvostThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
18:39.12Kellie WalkerThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
19:25.44Casey McgrathUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
19:28.37Mckenzie HaneyUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
19:52.07Mary De VriesUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
19:54.42Sarah StowellUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
Men 5,000 Meter Run
14:42.10John PrizziColonial Relays2015-04-03
15:21.89Mitchell DuttonThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
15:24.30Brendan MccarthyThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
15:38.05Zachary ChabotThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
16:04.32Timothy KenefickHoly Cross Classic2015-04-21
16:09.81Neil MistrettaHoly Cross Classic2015-04-21
16:24.05Joseph VerroHoly Cross Classic2015-04-21
Women 800 Meter Run
2:17.24Amanda SymanskiThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
2:17.99Cassandra KruseThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
2:19.77Rachael DepalmaThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
2:20.62Brittany HuntUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
2:23.86Angelyn MastersUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
2:24.94Lauren BrownThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
2:29.88Andrea NashThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
2:31.92Julia ShorterUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
2:44.15Parker GrayUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
Men 800 Meter Run
1:48.05Drew PiazzaNCAA Division I East Preliminary2015-05-28
1:51.84Steven SouzaNEICAAA Outdoor Track Championship2015-05-07
1:51.87Chris PoggiThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
1:54.48Thomas HarterHoly Cross Classic2015-04-21
1:55.68Joseph PoggiHoly Cross Classic2015-04-21
1:55.91Kevin GreeneUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
1:59.30David AlbertiniThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
2:03.76Jacob KittredgeUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
2:04.29Alex KaramUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
2:04.53Seamus SargeantThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
2:04.58Nathan KittredgeUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
2:06.56Joseph BolesUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
Men Distance Medley Relay
10:02.73 The Penn Relays Carnival2015-04-23
Women Discus
130-9Emily WernigNEICAAA New England Championships2015-05-09
114-9Laura JacksonThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
114-3Mary MullenThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
Men Discus
139-7Nick RitzoThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
128-8Wyatt PerrierThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
120-8Daniel JohnsonHoly Cross Classic2015-04-21
119-10Jacob RenaudThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
117-5Joseph MckeeThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
Men Decathlon
6326Daniel JohnsonNEICAAA New England Championships2015-05-09
Women High Jump
5-7Jessica SalleyNEICAAA Outdoor Track Championship2015-05-07
5-5Jeannette MaraNEICAAA Outdoor Track Championship2015-05-07
5-3.75Tessa ArtrucUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
5-3.25Rachel MorrisonUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
5-1.25Emma ChecovichUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
4-9.75Virginia LavalleeUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
Men High Jump
6-4.75Keelan MccooleUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
5-8.75Daniel JohnsonUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
Women Hammer Throw
139-4Abigail KaplanUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
133-2Emily WernigUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
132-10Keila GrigwareThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
131-9Kelsey FarrellUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
128-11Mary MullenUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
88-6Laura JacksonUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
Men Hammer Throw
201-8Michael ShanahanNEICAAA Outdoor Track Championship2015-05-07
200-4.25Jacob RenaudNCAA Division I East Preliminary2015-05-28
159-11Thomas LynchHoly Cross Classic2015-04-21
154-2Cullen AubinUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
147-7Mark HamiltonThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
138-1Joseph MckeeThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
Women Javelin
131-0Andrea TurteltaubThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
114-4Mikae FrechetteThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
112-0Carly OrlacchioThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
111-3Taylor OrdwayThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
95-0Haley ClearyUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
89-4Emma ChecovichThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
75-0Janine AppletonUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
Men Javelin
163-8Nick RitzoThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
161-8Cedric MesengereHoly Cross Classic2015-04-21
148-5Daniel JohnsonNEICAAA Outdoor Track Championship2015-05-07
140-0Mark HamiltonThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
130-10Michael ShanahanUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
Women Long Jump
17-9.75Emma ChecovichUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
16-4.25Taylor OrdwayUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
16-3Mikae FrechetteUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
16-0.25Carly OrlacchioUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
15-10.5Lexie ArbourUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
15-5Katherine NashUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
14-5.25Janine AppletonUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
Men Long Jump
21-2.75Shawn CaseUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
20-5.25Daniel JohnsonNEICAAA New England Championships2015-05-09
20-3.5Richard JasperUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
20-0.5Joel NkounkouHoly Cross Classic2015-04-21
Women Pole Vault
10-8.75Kari MurnaneUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
8-9Alexa ProfitUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
Men Pole Vault
14-11.5Alexa TamulonisUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
13-11.75Bryan MorrisUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
12-11.75Duncan CromwellUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
12-7.5Daniel JohnsonNEICAAA Outdoor Track Championship2015-05-07
12-6N DibartholomeoUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
Women Shot Put
41-1.75Abigail KaplanThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
35-3.25Mary MullenUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
32-3.5Laura JacksonThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
28-11.75Mikae FrechetteUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
27-5.5Emma ChecovichUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
Men Shot Put
48-2Nick RitzoThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
47-3.5Thomas LynchHoly Cross Classic2015-04-21
44-11Jacob RenaudThe Wolfie Outdoor Invitational2015-04-18
41-1.75Joseph MckeeUNH VS MAINE & HOLY CROSS2015-04-04
41-1Wyatt PerrierUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
40-10.25Daniel JohnsonNEICAAA Outdoor Track Championship2015-05-07
36-3Cedric MesengereHoly Cross Classic2015-04-21
Women Triple Jump
34-11Lexie ArbourUMass Pre-Conference Meet2015-04-25
32-8.25Katherine NashUNH Wildcat Invitational I2015-04-11
Men Triple Jump
42-2Richard JasperHoly Cross Classic2015-04-21
41-0.5Joel NkounkouHoly Cross Classic2015-04-21