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Orlando, FL

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I spent most of my life running in Central Florida. I started running at Howard Middle School, and went on to Edgewater High School where I was on the 1994 4A State Championship Cross Country team. I finished my career at the University of Central Florida. After college, I coached Cross Country and Track at Troy University. This is also where I started timing. I was handed a laptop with an old version of Hy-tek DOS and told we had a meet in 6 weeks and I needed to learn how to time before then. In 2002 I came back to Orlando and started working as a private timing contractor and I have been timing and working events ever since. I formed CK Timing & Event Mangement in the Fall of 201l and bought into Elite Timing and Event Management as well. I closed CK Timing shortly after and have been Running Elite Timing with my Partner Mike Hill Ever Since

Discussion Posts

2 months ago Verifying Finish Order
@multijumps Well sort of. As is stands there is no rule that you have to use a camera and if y...
4 months ago Tohopekaliga Results
@raycer131 no not 17 to 16. 18-17 and 1 week not 2. I was just offering that Seffner was rea...
4 months ago Thank You
Agreed. they always do a great job. it is a pleasure to be involved with such a great meet.
4 months ago Tohopekaliga Results
@raycer131 Seffner was really slow. lots of turns, soft ground and not mowed so the grass was ...
10 months ago UF Relys
@Altimari13 all spring sports or just the championship season? most conferences are postpon...
10 months ago What time did last years meet end?
@skrobbins try like 7 sir. we beat the sunset. final heat of the 4x400 results posted at 6:57 pm
11 months ago Question about getting runners times into the system
You are correct. It is more work. The races you are referencing, we like to call, "B" races. W...
1 year ago FHSAA 3A District 4
@alexacorbo map and start times are here: [url=
1 year ago FLYRA XC Changes to Championship Division
@ERYRC1 This is all about safety. having timed this meet for a quite awhile now I have to ...
1 year ago To return the race chip
@ERYRC1 thanks coach. good luck this season.
1 year ago Flrunners/Adair North Port XC Invite
@phuv2 @Adair Agreed. Adair is great. A pleasure to work with.
2 years ago Hagerty Cross Country Invitational 2019
@CoachGetty [url=]https://fl.milesplit....
2 years ago Performance List???
@Jsun21 both links work for me. sorry you guys are having trouble. the first takes you to the ...
2 years ago Performance List???
@Jsun21 [url=]https://fl.milesplit.c...
2 years ago Reggie Johnson Memorial / Elite Timing
@coachfain fixed [url=
2 years ago FLYRA Middle School State Championship
@CoachT02 according to the live results from last year the 4x4 was posted at 5:18 pm
2 years ago Link to results?
@Longhorn @duclippers [url=]http://live.halfmiletiming...
2 years ago Satellite High Reggie Johnson Memorial Classic
@flmomof5 they ca n be found on our live results link. [url=
2 years ago Week 3 at Elite Timing and Event Management
@John_Stevenson works fine. try again.
2 years ago Satellite Invite Change in Schedule
@CoachRaposo meet pro only lists the performance twice when the timer sets it up to do that.. ...
2 years ago Venice Invitational consolation mile question
@runmanatee yes. a slow heat. all athletes not in the fast heat will run a this time. you must...
2 years ago New Organization for FHSAA
@nickpohl Results are required to be submitted in every sport. Track has not been required beca...
2 years ago New Organization for FHSAA
@nickpohl That raises a good question. What would you do? How would you make sure this informa...
2 years ago New Organization for FHSAA
@lfcsumner3 @Halfmiletiming woah now....Reporting results to milesplit was [b]never[/b] an FHSA...
2 years ago New Organization for FHSAA
@mbecker You are correct.The Answer is C. Registration for the FHSAA State Series is on Direc...
2 years ago High school Track coaches Just fyi for direct athletics
@CoachHoward FLYRA registration will be on Milesplit. Chris Kail Elite Timing
2 years ago The Championship (SAC & 5-Star Conferences) Info
@CoachHalliday that link to reg doesn't seem to be working. here is what I found. [url=https:/...
2 years ago Official results are up
Long Drive home from Ft Myers to Orlando. Great meet though. Official results are here: [url=...
2 years ago Clubs Registering
@AnthonyBordano Why email the meet director? Registration for this meet has been open for mont...
2 years ago Calendar Suggestion for milesplit
excellent suggestion coach. That is how the site used to work.
2 years ago Holloway Park Jamboree
2 years ago Winter Springs Invitational
@LHPcoach how is that? Have you heard of a different schedule?
2 years ago Winter Springs Invitational
@ccalla57 fixed it. [url=]http://fl.m...
3 years ago results from the Keppel 5k run in Babson?
@paul a opitz
3 years ago FACA Cross Country CLinic
@southforkrunning good luck Bonnie. I am sure you will do a great job.
3 years ago Winter Springs Invitational 2018 2018
@1511008354 its 8/31
3 years ago Avery Creek Distance Showcase at Trinity Prep 2018
@conwoz The results you are referring to are the ones listed on flrunners. They can't show yo...
3 years ago Flo Golden South Classic 2018 2018
@Dyamnitz No. The time standards are set and must be met to gain entry.
3 years ago Anyone know the date for the venice invite for xc this year?
@Longhorn Sept 1st
3 years ago FHSAA 2A Region 2 2018
@Tlcrouch355 You would need to contact the host about that. We are the timers
3 years ago FHSAA 2A Region 2 2018
3 years ago 3A Region 4- South Fork HS- Thursday, April 26 (Important Information)
We have also posted this info here which is where Live and official results can be found: http:/...
3 years ago Steinbrenner Invitational 2018 - Attention all coaches
3 years ago FHSAA 2A District 9 2018
3 years ago Direct Links to Registration for all Elite Timing Districts on Direct Athletics
We have placed direct links for all of our districts here on a central page with instructions and...
3 years ago Jaeger results and others?
As this discussion is in reference to a meet Elite Timing was at I feel I should respond. A lot o...
3 years ago Kowboy Invitational 2018
@plyoman printable heat sheets are here.
3 years ago Metro West Freshman / Sophomore Conference Championships 2018
@Hamilax For the first time in a long time Elite Timing will not be timing the Metro West. We...
3 years ago Metric vs. Imperial
@CoachGCracker gotcha. I missed that one. We deal only in the actual results not so much the ...
3 years ago Metric vs. Imperial
@CoachGCracker Why would placing the standard have anything to do with measuring the height ...